Day 30- The Finish Line

Wooooowwwwwww, I made it, I persevered, I pushed, I caught up, covered all topics, I am beyond proud of myself😩😩.

I am sure a few people may be able to relate when it comes to the power of procrastination. I have struggled with this all my life, and it only got worse as I got older. Aaaaaaa I can’t believe this. I overcame my biggest weakness😊😊, now I shouldn’t lose the momentum. I have to continue to hold myself accountable in everything I do.

I learned I have the same 24 hours/7 days per week as everyone else, and I should be making the most of my time towards building my business, regularly doing some introspection so I may continuously grow.

There are amazing writers out here on this forum, and I am glad to have read so many wonderful blogs. You guys are insightful, smart, aware of your surroundings, deep into your craft. With amazing writing skills and I hope I can be on that level.

To all women, keep fighting the good fight to be yourselves, embrace who you are, take care of yourself, exercise, eat right, the benefits are surreal. Do not be afraid to stand up for yourselves and for others. Let us encourage each other and support each other as someone said I have never had to unscrew another woman’s lightbulb in order for me to shine.

I need to be more in touch with what is going on in our wonderful country, feigning ignorance has made me realize that my participation in this forum showed in my lack of writing.

Now, as I have a little bubba coming in the next few days, a new journey awaits me. I will be logging off, and adjusting to what’s happening with me. I am excited and I will have new material up soon (well the next time you see me)

Until then❤️

PS: afrobloggers thank you for this challenge, thank you for pushing me to be accountable for what I sign up for. Truly, I’m still in shock that I managed to complete the challenge, “Never Give UP”


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